Wadi Shah Revisited (February 2017):

After an absence of 3 years, we revisited Wadi Shah last weekend.

Where 5 years ago Jebel Jais and Wadi Shah were only known to a small minority, both locations are now becoming a major tourist attraction very fast.

We met not less than 6 groups of hikers on the shah trail.  Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Filipino, Pakistani, Indians…..  Motivated experienced hikers as well as novice hikers on their first hike. A total of over 50 people. Even a group under commercial guidance.

In the past we never or very seldom met fellow hikers during the season. Last Saturday more than 50 during one hike.

A great success.

We all remember the dramatic impact of over-tourism in Wadi Wurreiah. Grafiti, rubbish, excrements, pollution, and so on. So far, none of these in Wadi Shah. Actually the Wadi is cleaner than before! 

No doubt we are only at the very beginning of the tourist exploitation of the RAK mountains. With plans for another zipline, hotel, camping and the completion of the first via ferrata, we can expect explosive growth.

So far, kudos for Ras Al Khaimah. They are managing the tourist influx with admirable skills. Toilets and shelters have been built, there is adequate trash collection and even the proverbial stick (a 500 AED fine for littering) was introduced.

We do hope to see the re-opening of the last stretch of road to the top of the Jais in the very near future.  No doubt the authorities of Ras Al Khaimah will keep up the excellent proactive approach and make this wonderful site available for all of us.

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December 2016: Via Ferrata in Ras Al Khaimah… now open !!!!

A Via Ferrata or Iron Road, is a cable system installed in mountains. It allows you to experience – in a safe way – steep mountain flanks, zip over ravines and have tons of fun.

Ras Al Khaimah is serious about development of the Jebel Jais area. A real via ferrata was completed during the summer: the first UAE – Via Ferrata was built. It was constructed by Traks-Pro, which is a guarantee for state of the art infrastructure.

The Jebel Jais Via Ferrata:

* Highest point at 120 m

* Length of route 1 km.

* Typical tour lasts 4 hours.

* Highest point 70m above the ledge below.

* Zip 1 – 50m long Zip 2 – 60m long Zip 3 – 300m long

* Start in the wadi at GPS : N25° 53′ 59.77″ E56° 08′ 27.79″

Via Ferrata in Chamonix

This Via Ferrata is conveniently located in the shade most of the day, and extra cooled by a gentle breeze which runs through the wadi.

This Via Ferrata fits in the development of the Jebel Jais mountain area. The Jais area is already a focal point of tourism in the UAE and in RAK. The potential is only being scratched and in the coming years we will see tremendous changes in the area.

Hopefully for the better.

Entrance Fee: 400 aed per person (= with guide)

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