Wadi Mafi-Name also named Wadi Lasal.
If you are new to the UAE and you like an easy walk through the mountains this is for you.
This wadi offers a perfect intro.
You need some basic orientation skills but can’t get lost, you experience the mountains without excruciating climbs. There is a bit of bouldering but without destroying your knees.
It’s a safe hike even in case of rain. No flood risk.



– Circular trip
– Distance: +/- 10 km
– Duration: 3 hours including stops
– Activities: a walk in the park, all on nearly flat terrain, unless you decide to follow the wadi uphill till the watershed… Mountain bikers may cross your path…


time to test my orientation skills with GPS

Lovely bushes of small palms


The walk is even suitable for mountain bikers and is actually a popular loop for them. When we were there, there was a large group of mountain bikers who had camped near the dam in order to make an early start.

If this is your first hike in the UAE, we can presume your condition and heat resistance might not be ideal.
Bring enough water, a hat, sun block and some decent shoes. A bite on the road is always pleasant so carry a few energy bars.
Don’t get lost :
Remember, there are no marked trails in the Hajar Mountains. But plenty of paths (from people, goats, donkeys…). Be your own trail blazer but keep an eye on orientation. If you should get lost, just follow the wadi downstream and you will always reach either the dam or the road.

There are farms in the Wadi. Greet the workers and don`t bash through with a SUV.
You would only disrupt the cattle and upset the farmers.
In the mountains, hikers are still welcome everywhere. Don’t spoil it for others.

* And to walking in the heat ?


More or less 90 kms from Dubai.
On the Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102) take the exit Shawka/Manama at N25 04′ 53.98″ E56 01′ 33.29″.
After +/- 5 kms take left to the dam at N25 02′ 46.54″ E56 00′ 34.51″.
Car park at N25 02′ 08.41″ E56 01′ 16.80″.


Round Trip Wadi Lasal


Dam in the distance