The legendary Stairway to Heaven: UAE`s most notorious mountain path.

WARNING: We haven`t done this hike ourselves and have no plans as such. This hike is too extreme for us. If you have decided to undertake this, then go with someone who knows this route.
Too many accidents or near misses have occurred.

Needless to say you need to be very fit: it includes both a 1500 meter plus ascent and descent.

The Stairway to Heaven is an ancient Shihuh mountain route that starts in Wadi Galilah and links the coast with a mountain village.
With no more shepherds these days and hardly any villages high up, this trail became totally obsolete.
Only avid climbers and hikers are now seen on UAE`s most treacherous trail.

The pictures were made by friends who were braver than us: they made the ascent/descent safely.



– Distance: 17km (8/9 hours)
– Activities: climb of 1,500 metres, lots of scrambling, steep ascents/descents, narrow ledges and stairways, deep ravines.





Directions to the starting point of Stairway to Heaven:

  • From Ras Al Khaimah drive north on Al Rams Road to the Omani border
  • 30 kms after Ras Al Khaimah, there is a huge cement factory on your right
  • Take right after this factory
  • Follow Wadi Galilah


1. take right after Cement factory: N 25 58′ 42.73″ E 56 04′ 19.56″
2. take right: N 25 59′ 09.06″ E 56 08′ 28.13″
3. good place for camping: N 25 58′ 55.27″ E 56 09′ 11.67″
4. car park and start of hike: N 25 59′ 03.60″ E 56 09′ 45.75″