It’s a 10km loop walk near Shawka Dam. About half way there is a nice wide wadi with trees to sit under and have lunch.

Best to do the walk anti-clockwise as it gets the scrambling and wadi wading out of the way. The last wadi is a very easy gradual downhill walk back to the car.

Almost at the start of the walk you’ll be faced with a big pool, looking to your right you can see a steep-ish ascent that will take you past this and back into the wadi.

When there has been a lot of rainfall, some parts of this trail may be blocked by pools. You can then either scramble over the rocks to cross it or choose the low road through the water (if not too deep).

With the presence of water, you will have the opportunity to observe many butterflies, dragonflies, toads, wadi fish, beetles, birds, plants…

There are quite a lot of camping spots just before the pools where it can become crowded.



– Circular trip
– Distance: 10 km
– Activities: easy path, bit of scrambling at the beginning; wadi wading
Duration: full day, including stops



On the Sharjah – Kalba road (E102), take left at Shawka: N25 04′ 58.52″ E56 01′ 25.04″ to Shawka Dam.
After 2,8 km take right (N25 06′ 26.12″ E56 01′ 37.58″) and you will arrive at the Dam

Park your car near the start point of the trail which is: N25 06″ 05.23″ E56 03″ 36.73″