During one of our mountain walks, we bumped into this remarkable perennial succulent and wondered what it was.
Once back home, we found out this is the Caralluma Arabica (Milkweed family), also known as: khanasoor or khansur, dhagabis, dhaga dhakboos … They grow in clusters and can become up to 30 cm high. The largest we found so far did not exceed 25 cm.
After the winter and spring rains, the abundant young, fresh shoots are collected widely and sold at markets: despite the weird, rubbery look, the plant is edible. Especially the top part seems to be juicy and tasty (cfr asparagus).

There are pinkish specimen (Caralluma Arabica) and greenish ones (Caralluma Flava).
The plants are also used as a medicine: treatment of high blood pressure, liver ailments and indigestion.

Caralluma Flava

Caralluma Arabica

Harvested and ready to be sold on the Friday Market