This hike is situated in RAK Jebel Jais area.
The name “Leopard Canyon” or “Wadi Al Nimr” is called after the last wild Arabian leopard being killed in this region(?), the remains of which were placed on a tree branch.

The starting point is easily accessible, even with a good sedan.

This hike is mostly boulder stepping, there is no path visible.
A few settlements at the beginning but, apart from a few goats, you will be completely alone for the rest of the hike.

Apart from boulder stepping, there are a few treacherous screes, but in general, no dangerous or deep ravines. There are a few lovely plateaus with amzing pools (with water after the rains).

Along the trek, you will notice amazing shelters, made from dry stones, wood and palm leaves. All abandoned now.



– Return trip
– Distance: 8km
– Activities: mostly boulder hopping, soft ascent/descent, a few screes, no deep or dangerous cliffs, a few easy plateaus



On the Jebel Jais road:
– Take right at: N25 47 06.89 E56 04 28.37 (elevation 559m). Follow this road through Wadi Qada’a until you reach
– Parking and Start point of hike: N25 45 11.45 E56 08 01.75 (elevation 334m). Follow the wadi and take right at the fork:

– N25 45 38.55 E56 08 28.25 (elevation 446m). Follow the wadi until you reach an amazing
– Overhanging rock: N25 45 39.08 E56 08 45.42 (elevation 567m); take left at this rock and climb over the scree to:
– Plateau: N25 45 35.33 E56 08 48.13 (elevation 624m)
– Return point of our hike: N25 45 12.75 E56 09 00.04 (elevation 764m)

Total height gain is 430m.

If you are fit enough, you can make this hike longer and even make a loop. Go and explore the terraced fields which are not so far from our return point. Or follow the directions of our French fellow hikers through this link.











Why this hike?

  • Great views
  • Stunning dry walls
  • Terraced fields
  • Goats
  • Beautiful manmade shelters built in crevices
  • Ancient “Tanoor” (a clay oven)
  • Amazing plateaus and pools
  • Some beautiful Sidr trees
  • Dripping water at one point






TANOOR = ancient oven; it`s a rather exceptional and rare find, since this oven is made of clay. The clay crumbles due to wind, rain and sun. But in this case, with the protective overhanging rocks, the oven remained intact.